Informal Circuits

Informal Circuits is an ongoing investigation in the different ways people engage with so-called "smart" devices in their everyday lives. The project is an umbrella for prototypes and workshops that explore bricolage, subversion and appropriation of technological devices, beyond the scope they were initially designed for.

More TBA.

Past workshops, exhibitions and talks:

2019 — 31st Australian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction — OzCHI (AU)

2019 — Conversas — Rotterdam (NL)

2019 — In Situ — LUCA School of Arts (BE)

2019 — Unravel the Code — WdKA (NL)

2019 — The Scene is Here — Dutch Design Week (NL)

2019 — Festival Path — São Paulo (BR)

2019 — School of Machines, Making and Make-Believe — SEEED (CN)

Informal Circuits was initiated with support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.