Teis De Greve is a designer, developer and researcher based in Rotterdam (NL). His work consists of proposals, prototypes and products aimed at sparking critical conversations on past and future technological developments.

Teis has a background in Interaction Design and holds a PhD in the Arts from KU Leuven. Since 2024, he works full-time with the Dutch government to develop (technical) prototypes for internal innovation trajectories. Additionally, Teis facilitates participatory projects in the fields of digital culture, architecture and urbanism as co-founder of Studio Kitsunya.




  • Technical innovator for the Government of the Netherlands
  • Co-founder of Studio Kitsunya


  • 2022—23Visiting lecturer — LUCA School of Arts
  • 2018—23Design researcher / PhD candidate — LUCA School of Arts / KU Leuven
  • 2015—23Freelance (web) design & development —
  • 2015—18Multimedia instructor — HOGENT
  • 2015—16Research assistant — LUCA School of Arts


My academic work has been published in conference proceedings and journals, mainly in the field of Human-Computer Interaction.

For an up to date list of publications, see my ORCID profile

Exhibitions(E), workshops(W) and talks(T)

  • (E) 2023Breaking & Making, LUCA School of Arts, Genk BE
  • (T) 2022DIS ’22, Designing Interactive Systems Conference, Melbourne (online) AU
  • (E) 2022Climate Stories, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels BE
  • (T) 2022Social Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven NL
  • (T) 2021Creative Lab, Duke & Grace, Ghent (online) BE
  • (T) 2021UNESCO Trefdag, UNESCO Vlaamse Commissie, Brussels BE
  • (E) 2021Post-Industrial Crafts, Brussels Design September, Brussels BE
  • (T) 2021MAB Meetup #2: Futures Implied, Media Architecture Biennale, Utrecht (online) NL
  • (E) 2020The Work of Time, Z33, Hasselt BE
  • (T) 2020OzCHI ’19, Australian Conference on Human-Computer-Interaction, Fremantle AU
  • (T) 2019Conversas #155, Conversas, Rotterdam NL
  • (W) 2019Unravel the Code, Willem de Koning Academy, Rotterdam NL
  • (W) 2019The Object is Absent, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven NL
  • (E) 2019Fiction Practice — Young Curators Lab, Porto Design Bienniale, Porto PT
  • (W) 2019Prototyping the Electronic Body, Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven NL
  • (T) 2019Festival Path 2019, Festival Path, Sāo Paulo BR
  • (E) 2019A School of Schools, LUMA, Arles FR
  • (T) 2019Friday meetup, SEEED, Shenzhen CN
  • (E) 2018A School of Schools, Istanbul Design Bienniale, Istanbul TR
  • (E) 2018The Politics of Design: Act I, Z33, Hasselt BE
  • (E) 2018Alcova, Milan Design Week, Milan IT
  • (E) 2017Drawing Days, Croxhapox, Gent BE
  • (E) 2016Toegepast 21: The Matter of Facts, Z33, Hasselt BE
  • (E) 2015EXIT'15, Herkenrodekazerne, Hasselt BE
Low-resolution portrait photo of Teis De Greve

Portrait photo by Olena Kostiuk

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