Exhibition view of the installationClose up of the printerClose up of the printerPlacing a text in the printerExample text 1Example text 2Example text 3Example text 4Exhibition view of the installationExhibition view of the installation

A ditto, online device is a series of modified printers that connect the analog medium of print with real-time content from various social media platforms. The printers are designed to work with pages that already have content, and can annotate this existing content with related text, images and metadata originating from social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. The result is a hybrid form knowledge production where print publishing becomes a collaborative work in progress, merging the authorative voice of print with the ever-changing popular opinions on social media.

The project was commissioned by Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture (BE) and used in several interactive exhibitions for visitors to explore and annotate output and book excerpts from the Z33 Research Studio.

Photos: Kristof Vrancken

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Node.js, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi

Press / publications(P) and exhibtions(E)