A ditto, online device

A ditto, online device investigates the possibilities of connecting ever-changing online data streams with the analog medium of print. The installation draws on previous ideas from my How To Make A Book project, but rather than using a custom machine to edit books, it tries to explore the idea of publising as a work in progress by using regular printers.

The visitor is treated to fragments of books and other pre-existing texts, to which the installation can add new layers of real-time data from social media and newsfeeds. The printers in the installation are equiped with a small camera that can detect which page is placed in the paper tray. Simple algorithms then search for links between keywords in the text on this page, and related online content, which the printer then adds to the page.

A ditto, online device was comissioned by Z33 as part of their research studio Time, and acts as a ‘meta-project’ operating on texts coping with the topics defined within the research studio. The act of connecting these theoretical and abstract topics with popular culture aims to expose the tension between the fast and ever-changing digital world we live in, and the need for unproductive time necessary to facilitate reflection and learning.

Current exhibitions

until 29/08/2020 — The Work of Time — Z33 (BE)

Past exhibitions

2019 — Fiction Practice — Porto Design Biennial (PT)

2019 — A School of Schools — LUMA (FR)

2019 — A School of Schools — Istanbul Design Biennial (TR)

2018 — Alcova — Milan Design Week (IT)